Alcohol abuse 'costs £27bn' and 'King's fighting spirit'

The headline in the i reads: "Benefits system insiders reveal how targets are used to decide disability claims".
The headline in the Telegraph reads: "Landlords face rent caps under Labour".
The headline in the Mail reads: "Hunt warns families face £2,100 bill to pay for Labour spending".
The headline in the Times reads: "Protection for teachers' free speech on religion".
The headline in the Guardian reads: "Revealed: alcohol abuse costs soar to £27bn a year".
The Guardian leads on a study which has found that £27bn a year is being spent in England on the health and social harms of drinking. The paper says the cost is impacting the NHS, social services, the criminal justice system and the labour market, and has increased by at least 37% since 2003. [BBC]
The headline in the Express reads: "King's fighting spirit! He will lead D-Day tributes".
The King will take part in tributes in France next month to mark the 80th anniversary of the D-Day landings, according to the Daily Express. The paper says the event will be the King's first overseas trip since his cancer diagnosis and a demonstration of his "indomitable spirit". [BBC]
The headline in the FT Weekend reads: "Tesla faces 'Everest' climb over pay".
The headline in the Mirror reads: "Baby you're a Rish man, too".
The wealth of Prime Minister Rishi Sunak and wife Akshata Murty has risen by £120m to £651m in a year, making them richer than the King, according to the Daily Mirror. [BBC]
The headline in the Daily Star reads: "Very very hungry caterpillars go on the rampage".
And the Daily Star says that "very very hungry caterpillars" are "marching relentlessly across Britain eating up all our plants". It adds, though, that they are marching "very very slowly". [BBC]
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