Aldi Merch Is Back After Selling Out 3 Times

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At this point, the only thing you need to know about me is that I love Aldi. And, even though it might have been taboo to admit a few years ago, I know you do too. When it comes to the German grocer, what’s not to love? The products are great. The prices are almost unbeatable. And the Aldi Finds aisle? I could write a whole love letter to that thing—oh wait, I did.

Just like with all things nowadays, there’s one fantastic way to show your love for the humble grocery store: buy its merch.

Around this time last year, Aldi released its first extensive Aldi Gear line, which included bucket hats, belt bangs, windbreakers, joggers, and, of course, keychain quarter holders (Aldi shoppers get it). The line sold out so quickly that Aldi released another line in the fall, which sold out just as fast, so it released a holiday line, too. And I’ll just say the Aldi holiday sweater was a hit at every holiday party I attended.

So, if you’ve missed out on the Aldi Gear drops in the past—or simply want to refresh your Aldi wardrobe for spring—you’re in luck. The Aldi spring collection is returning with some all-new, stylish gear—plus, a few returning favorites.

Aldi 2024 Spring Gear Collection



On March 20, with the rest of the Aldi Finds drops for the week, Aldi is rolling out its limited-edition Aldi Gear collection. The spring drop features 10 items, all priced at less than $15—and there are some new items you don’t want to miss. We’re absolutely eyeing up the new Aldi sneakers.

The 2024 spring Aldi Gear includes:

  • Aldi Keychain Quarter Holder: $1.49

  • Aldi Gear Bucket Hat or Cap: $4.99

  • Aldi Gear Two-Pack Socks: $4.99

  • Aldi Gear Pet Sweatshirt: $5.99

  • 24-ounce Aldi Gear Tumbler: $6.99

  • Aldi Gear Belt Bag: $6.99

  • Aldi Gear Joggers: $9.99

  • Aldi Gear Pullover: $12.99

  • Men/Ladies Aldi Gear Sneakers: $12.99

  • Aldi Gear Windbreaker: $14.99

The line can be found in the Aldi Finds aisle while supplies last—and, I'm sure by now, I don't have to tell you, supplies won't last long.

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