Alex Borstein On Sharing Her “Step Out Of Line” Speech & Coming ‘From A Long Line Of Bulldozers’ – Emmys Backstage

Anthony D'Alessandro

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UPDATED with backstage video: In accepting her second back-to-back Emmy in the best supporting actress comedy category tonight for The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel, Alex Borstein told a moving story onstage about her Holocaust survivor grandmother, and how she she can be an example for women today to “step out of line”.

In the press room, Borstein was asked why she shared the emotional story onstage.

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“Everyone is talking about the strength of a woman. And my grandmother is the strongest woman I knew. She’s the most amazing person with the most amazing story. We talk about the strength of women now and it’s bullshit.  These women have always run the roost and I come from a long line of bulldozers and I’m proud,” exclaimed Borstein who plays the brassy talent manager Susie Myerson on Amazon’s Maisel.

Onstage, Borstein said, “To the strength of women, to Amy Sherman-Palladino, to every woman on the cast and crew, to my mother, to my grandmother, they are immigrants, they are holocaust survivors, she was in line to be shot and she said to a guard, what would happen if I stepped out of line. He said, ‘I don’t know have the heart to shoot you but someone else will and she stepped out of line and for that I am here. So step out of line, ladies.”

Talking more about her family backstage, Borstein said, “My grandmother always said, ‘Why don’t you make your own show?’ My mother and my grandmother always said be an actress and my father said go to college and have something to fall back on. I followed all of their advice.”

In total, Borstein counts three Emmy wins having also won last year for outstanding character-voiceover performance for The Family Guy. 


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