Alexander Kerfoot has ascended, time to stop talking about Jared McCann

Alexander Kerfoot has eight points in three games, and is contributing equally on the defensive end. On the latest episode of 'In the Mentions', Omar suggests that it's time for Maple Leafs fans to put the conversation about Kerfoot and Jared McCann to bed.

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Video Transcript

- Alexander Kerfoot has ascended, like super say in style. And it's not like we're used to seeing Auston Matthews when Auston Matthews ascends or when Mitch Marner ascends, this is a quiet ascension because we're not really focusing on it too much. But he's been hot as of late. 8 points in three games.

And the thing is that he's kind of been like this the entirety of the season. He's been really solid defensively, he's chipped in a couple of assists here or there, but now he's really starting to take off, which begs the question, should we stop talking about Jared McCann? I think we should stop talking about Jared McCann.

Yes, Jared McCann has established himself as a great player with the Seattle Kraken. Yes, we did have Jared McCann for a couple of seconds. Yes, in another universe, we have Jared McCann and now Alexander Kerfoot is on the Kraken. However, in this universe, Alexander Kerfoot is still in the Leafs.

I think what Kerfoot has been doing, not only just in the stretch, but the entirety of the year, both defensively and offensively, I think it's time to put that conversation to bed because Kerfoot, whether he's playing on the top line or whether he's playing in his usual spot with the Tavares and Nylander, he's finding ways to contribute. And I think that's going to be really key. So I'm ready to stop talking about Jared McCann. Are you? Let me know. I think it's OK.

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