Alien Becomes A Children’s Book

In space, no one can hear you say “awwww!”

Yes, believe it or not the terrifying monster of the ‘Alien’ series has been reborn in overwhelmingly cute children’s book form.

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The book is entitled ‘Alien Next Door,’ and is the brainchild of artist Joey Spiotto. It reimagines the hideous Xenomorph as a far friendlier creature.

In the images from the book which premiered online courtesy of io9, we see a number of moments from the ‘Alien’ movies reinterpreted to rather less sinister effect.   

For instance - did you realise that when it crept up behind Newt in ‘Aliens,’ it only wanted to give her doll back?

Or that in the original ‘Alien,’ it was actually friends with the Nostromo’s cat Jones?

Or that it gave Ripley her makeover in ‘Alien³’?

And helped her practice her basketball trick shots in ‘Alien: Resurrection’?

Other images show the extra-terrestrial terror engaging in such innocuous activities as eating popcorn at the movies, roasting wieners on a campfire, hanging up a motivational cat poster, and brushing its teeth.

Spiotto tells io9 that ‘Alien Next Door’ was “a dream come true” to work on - and although he doesn’t know if Ridley Scott or James Cameron have seen his illustrations, he “[hopes] that they enjoy how I totally made their horrifyingly scary creature cute and lovable.”

Published by Titan Books and officially licenced by ‘Alien’ studio 20th Century Fox, ‘Alien Next Door’ goes on sale from 3 November.  

And it may be the last we see of the Alien for a while, as Neill Blomkamp’s planned ‘Aliens’ sequel has been put on hold whilst Ridley Scott makes his ‘Prometheus’ follow-up ‘Alien: Paradise Lost’ (which, despite the title, might not feature the iconic monster).

Picture Credit: io9/20th Century Fox/Titan