Alix council hears report of suspicious visitors looking for coffee at 4:30 a.m

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Alix village council heard a detailed report from their community security contractor regarding a suspicious vehicle that was in own at 4:30 a.m. apparently looking for a cup of coffee. The report was made at the June 16 regular meeting of council.

Councillors read a report from Cyberus Security Services which showed the unusual nature of late night patrol work. The report read, “Apr. 29 (I) had an unusual conversation with a Dodge Caravan (driver) that was looking for coffee or pop at 4:30 a.m. in which a police scanner could be heard in the vehicle and the license plate was covered over. Once they found out no places were open they left town.” Cyberus Security stated they forwarded this information to RCMP but never heard back.

Coun. Ed Cole, a retired RCMP officer, stated the vehicle may have been linked to criminals, as they’ve been known to use scanners to keep one step ahead of police.

Road projects

The CAO reported preparations are underway for construction work on 49th Street, including clearing of the sewer line between 47th and 48th Avenues. Work on this project is set to begin on July 5 and was held to July so that school could wrap up for the year.

White stated it was hoped that the second coat of chip-seal could be applied on the north side of Alix in June, but this was not possible. She reported that the contractors were not able to get to Alix in June, but it’s hoped the work can be completed in July.

It was stated during Janene Anderson’s emergency management report that the village's efforts to get numbers placed on every house have been going well. She stated 40 more houses now have the proper numbers, which is welcome news for services such as fire department and ambulance.

Helping the rail company

Councillors read a letter from CN Rail asking for a letter of support in a business deal to purchase an American rail company, Kansas City Southern. Coun. Cole stated this was the first he’d ever heard of the deal.

Coun. Tim Besuijen stated he also knew little about the proposed deal. Councillors declined to write the letter.

Getting around Alix

During Chelsea Giesbrecht’s economic development report it was stated village’s wayfinding project is also progressing, although White reported the contractor who has been hired to place signs around Alix is running a bit behind and needs some more time to get them up. White stated the new signs were supposed to be up by now and it’s hoped they’ll be in place soon.

Giesbrecht also reported that more groups have stepped up to take over recreation activities and programs that the village is no longer offering. White added that staff will be bringing a report to council soon on former recreation equipment that remains unsold.

New loader

The village acquired its new loader on May 26 and was purchased “under budget” reported White. Coincidentally, the older loader was placed under consignment that same day and sold immediately.

The CAO stated it will be up to council to decide what to do from the old loader’s sale revenue.

Revised MDP

During her regular report White stated the village continues to work with Parkland Community Planning Services on updating the Municipal Development Plan (MDP). White stated the draft “contains significant changes in many areas.” She noted environmental management will be getting a more detailed review.

The CAO stated changes are to mesh with the strategic vision the elected officials have identified. It’s expected the revised MDP will be presented to the public for input in 2022.

Mayor’s award

White reported that the idea of a “Mayor’s Recognition Award” was forwarded to the Alix Lions Club for their input. Club members stated they would discuss the idea at their next meeting, but cautioned while such awards point out great community members, there may be people angry that other community members are neglected.

Gun control law

Coun. Cole stated, after reading a letter to council from MP Shannon Stubbs asking for the village’s support opposing Bill C-21, which proposed changes to the criminal code and certain firearms laws, he was concerned because some law-abiding firearms owners would be made into criminals if C-21 is approved by the Liberal minority government. Councillors agreed this topic would be added to a future council meeting agenda.

RCMP commander

The meeting agenda listed Bashaw RCMP commander S/Sgt. Bruce Holliday as a delegation. However, Holliday never logged on to the meeting. Coun. Cole stated he phoned Holliday but couldn’t get an answer.

It wasn’t stated what topic Holliday was going to discuss with council.

Stu Salkeld, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, East Central Alberta Review

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