Alleged assault victim 'weirded out' but not scared by boss's sex demands

Dartmouth businessman denies teen's sexual favours allegations

The young woman Michael Kobylanski is accused of beating, sexually assaulting and threatening told a jury Tuesday she was shocked, but not scared, when he told her she must have sex with him to get a job at his Dartmouth business.

"I took it with a grain of salt," the woman, 20, told defence lawyer Peter Kidston as she testified for a second day at Kobylanski's Nova Scotia Supreme Court trial in Halifax. 

"It weirded me out but it didn't scare me enough to run away from it."

The complainant's name is banned from publication and CBC News is not naming the business. The woman was 17 at the time of the alleged offences and Kobylanski was in his mid-30s.

Kobylanski, of Halifax, faces six charges, including sexual assault with a weapon, choking, uttering threats and assault. The alleged offences happened in 2014 and 2015.

'I did not see the red flags'

When Kidston asked the woman why didn't she just leave when Kobylanski brought up sexual favours during the job interview, the woman replied, "Because I did not see the red flags, see that he was danger to me.

"A job was put in front of me for 50 bucks a week and that was enough to put food in my belly."

The woman explained that at the time of the interview in 2014 her mother had just kicked her out of the house.

Under the arrangement, the woman was paid $50 a week to work 25 hours a week and to have sex with Kobylanski. She testified that he said he had to have sex to relieve his stress and to be able to do his work.

From the outset, the woman admitted she struggles to remember certain dates and certain things.

"My brain shuts some things out because they are so horrible," she said.

The belt was tight, alleges teen

Earlier this week, the woman testified she thought she had found her Prince Charming after she met Kobylanski and she fell in love with him.

But the relationship became violent. The woman said Kobylanksi wrapped her in a vapour barrier, tied a belt around her neck, sexually assaulted her with a hammer and threatened to kill her.

In testimony Tuesday, she said the belt was as tight as "when a dog runs and chokes itself with its leash."

"I could still breathe but it was tight," she said.

She also told the court that in the hammer incident, Kobylanski threatened to bash her head in and make her face unrecognizable.

"He was holding it up like he was going to swing," she said.

'Minus the sex stuff, he treated me with respect'

The woman testified that during the course of her employment she had sex with Kobylanski inside his business's storage room or bathroom three to four times a week, sometimes while customers were present.

Their first sexual encounter happened during her second job interview. When Kidston further pressed the complainant and asked her why she did not tell Kobylanski no, she replied, "Because it was part of my job."

Initially, the woman said, she was not attracted to Kobylanksi but she grew feelings for him as they spent more time together.

"For the most part, minus the sex stuff, he treated me with respect," she said. "I could go to him. He was on my side."