Alleged drunk driver accused of smash-ups in Moose Jaw

A man is facing drunk driving charges following a five-car smash-up in Moose Jaw on Friday night, police said.

The mayhem began around 8:30 p.m. CST when the driver of an SUV crashed into three parked cars in the 200 block of Manitoba Street West, according to police.

No one was in the cars at the time.

The driver, 33, sped away and barely two blocks farther on Manitoba Street West, he smashed into two more vehicles.

That crash ended with the SUV flipping onto its side.

Witnesses ran over to help the man, but police said he took off on foot.

Officers dispatched to the scene were able to get a good description and arrested the suspected drunk driver a few minutes later. Police said he was not seriously hurt in the rollover.

He is, however, facing a number of serious charges including:

Impaired driving.

Refusing a breath sample.

Hit and run (two counts).

Police said the accused is already before the courts dealing with a separate impaired driving charge, as well as a count of driving with a suspended licence.

They estimated the damage from Friday night's rampage at around $30,000.

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