Alleged RCMP spy Cameron Ortis ordered back to jail pending trial

Cameron Ortis, the senior RCMP official accused of preparing to leak sensitive information, is heading back to jail while he awaits his trial.

Today, Ontario Superior Court Justice Marc Labrosse revoked the 47-year-old's bail, ordering the head of RCMP's national intelligence co-ordination centre back into custody.

Labrosse's reasons and the details of the Crown's review application are covered by a publication ban, along with the evidence and submissions heard during the bail hearing.

"Obviously, we are disappointed in the result," said Ortis' lawyer, Ian Carter, outside the Ottawa courthouse.

"We thought the justice of the peace's decision was a reasonable and correct one."

Ortis was released on bail to his parents' care in Abbotsford, B.C. on Oct. 22. He was forbidden from using any device that connects to the internet and told to report to an RCMP detachment every week.

The court heard the Crown's application for a bail review last week. It was granted.

Ortis is now on his way back to Ottawa.

Crown attorney Judy Kliewer said there were "plans in place" to make sure he was remanded back into custody immediately.

Ortis, the head of the RCMP's national intelligence co-ordination centre, was charged under the Security of Information Act with preparing to share sensitive information with a foreign entity or terrorist organization.

He's also charged with sharing operational information back in 2015.

RCMP Commissioner Brenda Lucki has said that, by virtue of his position, Ortis had access to intelligence gathered by both Canadian authorities and foreign allies.

Carter said the defence is still waiting for more disclosure, "to analyze the case and begin preparation to begin defending him against these charges,"

Carter said there are always concerns about personal safety when someone from the RCMP is in jail, but he's confident the institution will handle it.

Ortis will be back in court Nov. 19.

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