Alpha House installs fencing at shelter

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With ongoing issues arising in the city around homeless encampments, Alpha house has recently installed fencing around its perimeter to address public safety issues in the area.

The shelter says the recent addition of fencing to the exterior is due to the impact of higher concentrations of encampments impacting people trying to access the shelter.

“Concentrated encampments in a single area can lead to drug dealing, overdoses, criminal activity and other behaviours that pose significant safety concerns. Fencing has allowed us to support a safer environment for those we serve and we have seen a reduction in incidences since. We will continue to work with the City of Lethbridge on this issue and continue to advocate for supportive housing options to reduce encampments throughout the city,” says Alpha House in a media release.

Alpha House says it is trying to advocate for those in need while still maintaining order in the area.

The installment of fencing outside Alpha house prevents tents from setting up in neighbouring businesses. Meeting with city representatives, Alpha House will look to identify collaborations with vulnerable populations in Lethbridge while still providing client care and support in the community.

The homeless encampment issue has been growing here.

Mayor Blaine Hyggen brought forward a resolution at last week’s meeting of city council looking to address the issue while understanding the importance of compassion.

In a 7-to-1 vote, the city approved up to $230,000 towards assisting administrative and policing funding, aiming to enhance the city in its pursuit of the homeless encampment issue.

Hyggen’s motion was separated into four pieces, with another section calling for council to approve $470,000 in one-time funding from corporate budget contingencies to move forward with suitable solutions for the encampment situation. Hyggen is calling for a task force to be created to gather key partners in the community to assess complex issues like these.

Ryan Clarke, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Lethbridge Herald

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