Alyssa Farah Griffin Says Her Husband Used Whoopi Goldberg’s Pregnancy Question as ‘an Excuse to Make a Baby’

"My husband clearly used it as a way to drag me to the bedroom," said 'The View' co-host

Alyssa Farah Griffin/Instagram Alyssa Farah Griffin and Justin Griffin
Alyssa Farah Griffin/Instagram Alyssa Farah Griffin and Justin Griffin

Alyssa Farah Griffin's husband Justin Griffin knows an opportunity when he sees it!

After Whoopi Goldberg shocked audiences and Alyssa with her viral unexpected pregnancy inquiry, Justin asked his wife a cheeky question of his own.

"He thought, 'This is an excuse to make a baby tonight because we've got to prove Whoopi right!' " Alyssa, 34, revealed on Wednesday's episode of The View's new Behind the Table after-show podcast when asked by host (and View executive producer) Brian Teta about how Justin reacted to "the pregnancy mis-announcement."

"My husband clearly used it as a way to drag me to the bedroom," she added.

That's different from how Alyssa expected Justin would react. "I was actually nervous that he was going to feel like too much of our public business was out there because I did share that we’re open to getting pregnant," she noted. "[But] he thought it was hilarious. He was flattered by it!"

Joked Teta: "I appreciate him looking out for the show. Thank you, Justin."

<p>The View/Twitter</p> Whoopi Goldberg and Alyssa Farah Griffin

The View/Twitter

Whoopi Goldberg and Alyssa Farah Griffin

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Goldberg made headlines on Sept. 14 when, during a live conversation on The View about Utah Sen. Mitt Romney's decision not to run for re-election in 2024, she suddenly stopped and asked Alyssa, "Are you pregnant?"

"No! Oh my God!" Alyssa laughed in shock, noting Justin's mother and grandmother were both in the audience. "You can't say that while my mother-in-law is here! She’s been dying for me to get pregnant!"

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Asked by Joy Behar why she would say that, Goldberg explained, "I just got a vibe" before apologizing to Alyssa. "I’m so sorry! It just… it was just…"

"Please say it's not my tummy!" Alyssa responded, later adding, "I’m very open to being pregnant soon. I am not blessed to be pregnant yet, but my husband and I are thinking about it."

"Forgive me. I’m just, I just… you have this… I see a glow," Goldberg repeated.

Like Justin, Alyssa laughed off the unprovoked question.

“At the break, [Whoopi] was apologizing to me and giving me the heart sign,” she said in an appearance on the Behind the Table podcast that same day. “That’s what makes the show fun. It’s completely unpredictable. I thought we were talking about Mitt Romney, but then we were talking about my pregnancy plans of the future — which, just again, headline news, I am not pregnant at this time.”

The former White House director of strategic communications went on to credit her makeup artist for giving her her glow.

One good thing did come out of it, though. Whenever the time does come to announce a pregnancy, Alyssa said she now knows just how she plans to share the news. “I'll be sure to blurt it out, if and when I am pregnant. I will definitely interrupt Whoopi to inform her,” she joked.

Alyssa and Justin married in November 2021 in front of family and friends in a church wedding in Florida. The pair got engaged in July 2020 after Griffin proposed to her on a boat in Lake Winnipesaukee, New Hampshire.

Last month, Alyssa wished Justin a happy birthday in a loving Instagram post.

"Happy birthday to my husband, best friend, favorite person on the planet, and best pup pop around," she wrote. "Love you, @justinpgriffin ❤️ Here’s to another year of adventures together."

The View airs weekdays (11 a.m. ET) on ABC.

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