Amanda Holden presents radio show at home in her pyjamas

Julia Hunt
Amanda Holden attends the Britain's Got Talent Auditions Photocall at the London Palladium (Keith Mayhew / Echoes Wire / Barcroft Media via Getty Images)

Amanda Holden has presented her radio show from home in her pyjamas.

The TV star, 49, is among those working from home amid the coronavirus pandemic.

And she revealed to fans that she hosted her Heart Radio programme clad in pink, silky, zebra print pyjamas – and full make-up.

Holden posted a picture on Instagram showing her clutching her mic, with her headphones on, in a room papered with a cute pineapple print.

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“Like so many of you I’m working @thisisheart from #home today to make sure we have the tech to keep you company throughout this trying time! #breakfast,” she wrote.

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Holden later shared a video showing her holding her pet dog during a music break.

The dog was sat on her lap and licking her face while the tune played.

Another hilarious clip showed Holden scrambling to get her headphones on in time.

“Getting there! @thisisheart from #home,” she wrote.

Holden later told Jamie Theakston on his show that it had been a bit “distracting” being at home, where things such as parcel deliveries, visits from her pets and requests from her daughter had been going on.

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She said her husband Chris Hughes – who she referred to as Crispy - had been a great help as he had been providing a sort of “waitress service” throughout, serving up porridge and coffee.

Theakston said if he worked from home, he fears he would waste time perusing Instagram and munching biscuits.

Holden agreed: “If we end up having to do this, I will probably put on a lot of timber being at home!”