Amateur photog says pandemic has forced him to shoot closer to home

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Pandemic times—and specifically the months-long shutdown we experienced earlier this year—led many to take up or double down on hobbies.

There was a run on yeast, skateboarding blew up, and people spent all sorts of time making inane Tik Tok videos.

For amateur photographer Tim Fitzgerald, COVID-19 has caused him to focus more on photographing his own surroundings. Earlier this month, he shared some of his recent shots of SilverStar Mountain Resort with the community’s Facebook page.

“The mountain and of course the village was completely deserted,” he said, in the caption of his photos. “Glad to see things starting to come around again.”

Fitzgerald told Sun Peaks News this year he will likely be spending a lot of time up at the hill taking photos. He’s currently awaiting a knee surgery, so he can’t ski.

Overall, he said that the pandemic has forced him to focus his photography close to home.

“Normally, we would travel somewhere,” said Fitzgerald, who works as an electrician. “This year, we made a point of going out and camping, and seeing things that we haven’t seen before. It’s been really eye opening.”

He’s done trips to Wells Gray Provincial Park, Rosebery Provincial Park, and he recently returned from a trip to the town of Princeton, where he shot a section of the Kettle Valley Railway.

“We went down there a couple weeks ago and got some great shots,” he said. “There’s some really really, rugged and beautiful terrain there.”

You can see more of his photos here.

Joel Barde, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Sun Peaks Independent News Inc.