Amazing orangutan climbs with two babies in her arms

It is very rare to see an Orangutan mother with two babies in her arms. Look at her climb and taking good care of the babies. Orangutan Mum Jazz is on the move with her newborn baby Jim and her daughter's baby Joe in her arms. Climbing the new log climbing frame and holding on to the babies with not just her feet. She puts one of each hand in her mouth to hold on to them making sure they are safe. Orangutan mum Jazz (30) seems to love the new climbing frame and can't stop climbing. Even with the two babies in her arm, she manages just fine. Holding on to the rope with her hands and feet and the babies on her belly. The babies manage to hold on, but if you look at her foot, Jazz gives extra support. When she gets up a bit higher, she takes Jim's and Joe's hands in her mouth to securely hold on to them. When she's on the top and starts swinging, she again makes sure they are safe with her foot. Balancing sideways on the log. She has a rest in the yellow hammock. You see that Jim is a bit older as he's already much more alert to his surrounding. Jazz climbs to the new canopy where Jim gives her a kiss. Her daughter's baby is in her arms as well, sometimes she just has it tucked away a bit more. You'll see both babies when she turns around. She tries to have a lie-down, but it can't be comfy, so she gets back up and sits there with the two babies. They are both nursing, so that's a good sign. Orangutan Mother Jazz (30) from the Dudley zoo became super mum as she's not just looking after her own 4-week-old baby boy Jim, now she's looking after her daughter's newborn baby as well, as her daughter found first-time motherhood a little bit challenging. When her daughter Sprout gave birth and didn't know what to do, her mum Jazz quickly stepped in to save the day and took on her baby as well. Jazz is carrying the two babies around with her. Nursing both and giving both love, care and attention. Staff is closely monitoring both babies and both mums. More to come! Make sure to subscribe!