"Amazon Bandit" caught on video in London

The Amazon bandit. Video still from Youtube

There’s a bandit on the loose in London, Ontario, and she’ll take the Amazon delivery box right off your porch.

At least that’s what a thief did in a video currently making the rounds online.

In a 35-second clip posted to YouTube on Saturday, a woman can be seen casually riding her bicycle up onto the front lawn of a private home. Security camera footage shows the women get off her bike and walk to the front door where an Amazon package is sitting unguarded. The woman opens her backpack and puts the package inside before biking away.

Anthony Taylor is the owner of the both the house—near the intersection of Fanshawe Park Road and Adelaide Street—and the stolen package. He reported the theft to the local police, who are now asking for the public’s help identifying the woman in the video. The clip has been viewed more than 100,000 times since it was posted five days ago.

Taylor told CTV News that the box contained a $30 t-shirt he bought as a gift.

Police are encouraging consumers to have packages delivered to a neighbour or to a post office box when not at home, as unattended parcel theft is all too common.