The Amazon Fire 10 tablet is 46% off in early Prime Day deals

The 2023 model of the Amazon Fire HD 10 tablet on a white background.

If you’ve been shying away from a tablet due to the cost, this is the time to get one. The latest version of the Amazon Fire HD 10 is down to just $75 as part of an Amazon Prime Exclusive Deal today in what appears to be one of the earliest official early Prime Day deals. For non-members, the tablet would be $140, so you’re saving $65 when you pick up this tablet. Tap the button below to start getting the deal, or read on to see why you should get the tablet and the best way to become an Amazon Prime member.


Why you should buy the latest Amazon Fire 10 tablet

This is a solidly-constructed full HD tablet with a 10.1-inch screen, 3GB of RAM, and 32GB of storage space. It’s perfect for browsing the net, playing a few apps, and even chatting with family via its 5MP front-facing camera. Due to the current deal price, you might consider this as a great gift, too. This could easily be an ideal tablet for students if you aren’t all about spending a premium price on a tablet when you already have one of the best laptops for students.

The big “catch” for this deal is that it is gated behind being an Amazon Prime member. Being an Amazon Prime member comes with lots of benefits, with many that go way beyond shopping benefits. Just check out the latest Amazon Prime shows (which you can watch on this very tablet) available to see what we mean. There’s even a one month Amazon Prime free trial that can let you pick up this deal and still have Amazon Prime for Prime Day. In other words, if you haven’t started using Amazon Prime, now is the best time to do so if you want a tablet.

Prime member now? Just tap the button below to find the Amazon Fire 10 tablet. If you’re or have just become an Amazon Prime member it’s price will be just $75. Again, that’s a savings of $65 off of what it would be if you weren’t a Prime member. Still not a Prime member or don’t want to get this deal? See what’s up with Prime Day tablet deals so far.