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Who knew you could get a lightweight, cordless stick vac for only $100?

If you've already given your home a seasonal refresh, congrats! You realize, though, that your place is still going to need a good sprucing up every week or two, right? Especially during the holiday season, with guests coming and going ... and tracking dirt all over your floors. All of which is to say that few tools will help you get your home shipshape faster and more efficiently than a cordless vacuum, especially if you'd like to say goodbye to entangled wires that always end up wrapped around furniture. Well, check it: You can score this popular Inse 6-in-1 Stick Vacuum for just $100 at Amazon.

Amazon shoppers say this vac-of-all-trades is even better than their old Dyson.

$100 at Amazon

Don't let its svelte profile fool you: This stick vac has a powerful motor that provides the intense suction you need to pick up all that dirt, pet hair, dust and debris from carpets, hardwood floors, tiles and more. When fully charged, it will give you up to 45 minutes of nonstop cleaning — ample time to give the entire house a once-over. Its rotatable brush lets it transition seamlessly from carpeting to hard floors while easily maneuvering around furniture, and it even has an LED light so you can see exactly what needs to be picked up.

Its five-stage advanced filtration system, equipped with a HEPA filter, can capture 99.99% of fine airborne particles, making it a great option for allergy sufferers. And oh yeah: This 6-in-1 powerhouse transforms into a portable handheld and comes with a slew of attachments, including a crevice tool, brush tools and an extender tube that helps you reach every inch of your home.

three inse stick vacuums
Clean carpets and hard floors alike with this brawny multitasker vacuum. (Amazon)

The popular vacuum has racked up thousands of five-star ratings from verified Amazon customers, thanks to its compact power and easy steering.

"I love this vacuum!" exclaimed one happy shopper. "It's lightweight and easy to maneuver. It does a great job [of] picking up dirt and hair. I do daycare and we have three dogs and a cat, so I'm always cleaning the floor. I also love the fact that it has a light so I can see that I'm getting a clean floor. Not only is it a great vacuum but customer service is fantastic! I had a piece that broke and they had a replacement piece sent out instantly!"

Others have said this stick vac is comparable, and them some, to pricier models by more well-known brands. "This product is absolutely amazing and it makes vacuuming the home fun," wrote a cleaning professional. "A lot of people [are] comparing this to the Dyson Cyclone, and let me just tell you that this beats the Dyson by every measure. This vacuum is top-quality and keeps money in your pocket. ... I have a cleaning company, and let me just tell you I’ve already ordered two and I plan on ordering more."

"I use this vacuum every day, as we have four dogs and [are] always trying to keep up with the pet hair," shared a final fan. "It has very powerful suction for its size and it is very lightweight. ... The only cons I could come up with were that the flexible hose pulled out a couple times when using it and that the trigger on/off switch is in [such] a spot that I accidentally turn on the vacuum at times when carrying it around. This also makes it a little inconvenient when doing a lot of vacuuming as you have to hold the handle with three fingers and your thumb. If you hold the handle with all four fingers, you will turn off the vacuum." Good to know!

Go cordless for easier cleaning of stairs, curtains, furniture and even cars and RVs.

$100 at Amazon

And when it comes to wiping up wet messes on your floor? These ingenious mop slippers are just the coolest things ever invented:

No more lugging out a big mop and bucket — clean while you walk!

$13 at Amazon

"These mop slippers are my new favorite find," shared one Yahoo Life writer. "I slip them on each morning when I get out of bed, and my feet feel warm and cared for. Throughout the day they get me off my butt and onto my feet. Instead of noting (with dread) a smattering of crumbs or a film of dust, I attack it on my way to check the mail or while making lunch."

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