Amazon’s best-selling insect repellent praised by customers: 'The most effective I’ve used'

Maisie Bovingdon
·Shopping writer
·3 min read
Getting bitten to shreds by mosquitos this summer? This top-rated bug repellent may give you some relief.  (Getty Images)
Getting bitten to shreds by mosquitoes this summer? This top-rated bug repellent may give you some relief. (Getty Images)

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We have all been racing to get outdoors to enjoy the sunshine that has recently hit the UK, but the warm weather brings some unwanted visitors: mosquitoes.

Even if you haven’t been outdoors, the pesky bugs still manage to make their way into the home and bite us to smithereens leaving us with itchy red lumps on our body.

While they advise not to scratch bites, for a split second there is nothing more satisfying than itching the marks.

But there is one product on our radar to help prevent getting bitten by the blighters, and it’s Smidge Insect Repellent.

Why we rate it

Smidge Insect Repellent provides protection from bug bites for up to eight hours, and is water-resistant as well as sweat-resistant, which means you will not have to reapply after a swim.

Not only does the lightweight formula repel against mosquitoes but it also claims to keep horse flies, sand flies, fleas and ticks at bay too.

The formula is DEET-free, but contains Picaridin, which is said to be a key ingredient in warding off bugs, according to Health Protection Scotland and Public Health England.

The product is suitable for adults, children over 30 months, as well as pregnant women, although we advise to double check with a medical expert before use.

Not only is the product protective and durable but it is not sticky.

What the reviews say

With over 1,700 glowing reviews from customers, 75% of which have been rated five star. It has also been recognised as one of Amazon’s bestselling products, so we are keen to hear what buyers have to say about the repellent.

  • “I'm someone who gets a lot of bites normally; about 20 in two days before I remembered I had brought a bottle of this with me. I tried it all over my exposed skin, including my hands. I then stood outside our camper van and watched the swarm form around me. A mosi (sic) came to land on my hand, and then backed off when it got to within about 5 cm of my skin. Amazing stuff!”

  • “The midgeys definitely still swarm but I didn't have any bites. SURVIVED A NIGHT IN GALLOWAY FORREST! IN SUMMER!! And it feels like moisturiser so you can’t argue.”

  • “A great smell, repels the critters, no skin irritation, a compact and cool aluminium bottle and a circular spray. Used on myself and my young ones with zero bites as the result.”

  • “The most effective repellent I’ve used - and I’m one of those people that is particularly attractive to mosquitoes and usually gets bitten a lot, no matter what precautions I take. Used on a trip to Costa Rica, including a hike through the Rainforest.”

  • “I bought this after a recommendation from a friend. Seems to work very well. Smells nice and easy to apply.”

Buy it: Smidge Insect Repellent | £7 from Amazon