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Amazon Prime Day early deals include five months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free

This early Prime Day deal is a member exclusive.


Amazon Prime Day may not actually start until July 16, but early deals continue to roll in. Prime members can now scoop up five whole months of Amazon Music Unlimited for free. This is Amazon’s streaming music platform, like Spotify, Apple Music and the rest. So that’s five months of unlimited access to pretty much every song ever made.

Again, this deal is only for current Prime members. The service costs $10 per month once the free trial ends, which is more-or-less in line with rival streaming platforms. If you want the free trial without having to worry about getting charged, just set a reminder to cancel before those five months are up.

This deal is exclusive to current Prime members. 

$0 at Amazon

Amazon Music Unlimited didn’t make our list of the best music streaming services, but it’s still a mighty fine option. It narrowly missed the list due to a slightly less elegant interface than some rivals and aggressive podcast marketing. Otherwise, it’s a decent choice. It sounds good and the library is nearly-identical to other platforms. What else is there?

There’s one downside that applies to not just Amazon, but all music streamers. The payout to artists is absolute trash. Amazon Music Limited pays around $0.004 per stream, which is right in the middle of Spotify’s range of $0.003 to $0.005 per stream. However, Amazon does have direct licensing agreements with major labels, so someone like Taylor Swift likely negotiated a better deal than that. Emerging artists, as always, remain screwed.

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