Only Amazon Prime members can score these 10 secret sales — starting at $12

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Prime members get all the best sales! (Photo: Amazon)
Prime members get all the best sales! (Photo: Amazon)

Amazon Prime members really do have all the fun: Free two-day shipping, instant access to movies on Amazon Prime Video, discounts at Whole Foods — the list goes on and on.

But here’s a perk many folks don't know about: Prime membership affords you entry into a secret section of Amazon sales. What? Yup, it's true: There's a hidden hub of "Just For Prime" sales just waiting to be explored. And the key to the kingdom is nothing more than a Prime membership.

Not yet a member? Sign up for a free 30-day trial to access this treasure trove of discounts — and benefit from all the other Prime perks, including free two-day shipping, exclusive sales and much more. If you decide to stick with the service, it will cost you just $119 per year (about $10 per month), and you can cancel anytime.

Scroll and shop Amazon's secret, Prime-only sales below:

Robit R3000 Vacuum Cleaner

Kick back and let this vac do the work for you! (Photo: Amazon)
Kick back and let this vac do the work for you! (Photo: Amazon)

Been considering a robot vacuum for a while? Now's the time to act. Prime members can score the top-rated Robit R3000 vacuum cleaner for just $110, while non-Prime members have to pay $70 more. This vacuum offers up to 2,500Pa of suction to pick up dust, pet hair, dirt and crumbs that are lurking on your floors. It also features six modes, including auto clean, spot clean, edge clean, max clean, single room and schedule clean. A powerful battery lets this vac run for up to 120 minutes.

"Best robot vacuum I have ever used," a happy customer said. "The suction is incredible. ... It is extremely thin and able to get under all of my furniture. I have a 1200 sqft home and the battery is able to last long enough to clean my entire home on max power and still battery juice left. The dustbin is very large as well."

Shop it: Robit R3000 Vacuum Cleaner, $110 for Prime members (was $180),

Bampure 100 Percent Organic Bamboo Cooling Sheets

It's time to upgrade your sheets! (Photo: Amazon)
It's time to upgrade your sheets! (Photo: Amazon)

Bamboo sheets are having a moment, and with good reason: They can keep you cool and comfortable while you sleep. And, right now, you can save big on top-rated Bampure 100 Percent Organic Bamboo Cooling Sheets. Just for Prime members, you'll score a four-piece deep pocket set with one fitted sheet, one flat sheet and two pillowcases for $73 (was $90)! Choose from an all-white set or other color options, including beige, gray and light blue.

"Sliding into those sheets after a long day of work (and an extra load of laundry) was like being embraced by a thousand angels and held to the loving bosom of the Creator," a satisfied customer said. "For a moment, I understood my place in the universe and merged into the collective consciousness of every other Amazon customer who owned these sheets. I can't say the sheets cured my chronic insomnia, but I can say that as I laid there ruminating over climate change, the vaccination debate, finances, that weird new hip pain, and the political future of America, at least I was swaddled in pure comfort."

Shop it: Bampure 100 Percent Organic Bamboo Sheets, $73 for Prime members with on-page coupon (was $90),

Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Cutting Board Set

Chop, slice and dice away with this handy set. (Photo: Amazon)
Chop, slice and dice away with this handy set. (Photo: Amazon)

Got food prep to do? You need a reliable cutting board ... or three. This Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Cutting Board Set makes it easy to stay organized and safe in the kitchen — and it's $21 for Prime members with on-page coupon (was $28). Made from lasts-forever bamboo, each cutting board has a juice groove around the edges to capture run-offs. 

"I absolutely love these cutting boards, yes I keep them in reach at all times," a happy customer wrote in the reviews. "They clean up super easy and don’t retain smell. I love that I have three sizes and don’t have to keep washing while I’m preparing my meals."

Shop it: Royal Craft Wood Bamboo Cutting Board Set, $21 for Prime members with on-page coupon (was $28),

Azeus 1500W Electric Kettle

Enjoy piping hot tea in minutes. (Photo: Amazon)
Enjoy piping hot tea in minutes. (Photo: Amazon)

Tea time just got easier. Now, with just the press of a button, you can have your brew turn out exactly as you like it. The Azeus 1500W Electric Kettle boils up to 1.8 liters of water and keeps it warm until you're ready to pour. Right now it's on sale for just $27 for Prime members only (down from $35).

This electric kettle has a stainless steel interior that's covered by a BPA-free plastic exterior, so you can touch it when it's on. And this compact appliance is easy on the eyes too.

Shoppers say it can compete with the big boys. "The kettle itself is nicely designed; it has push button lid that springs open, a big ergonomic handle, stainless-steel accents around the lid, clean lines and the base has a heavy-duty cable and plug," a five-star fan wrote in the reviews. "A full pot takes just around eight minutes to boil, which is pretty good from my experience with electric kettles."

Shop it: Azeus 1500W Electric Kettle, $27 for Prime members (was $35),

Anker iPhone Charger USB-C

Fire up your phone at lightning speed. (Photo: Amazon)
Fire up your phone at lightning speed. (Photo: Amazon)

Need to fire up your phone, laptop or tablet ASAP, if not sooner? The Anker iPhone Charger USB-C is here for you. This high-speed charger infuses power into your devices at speeds up to three times faster than your ordinary charger. Simply plug in your device and let it go to work. It's also nice and compact, and has a foldable plug for easy storage.

And, if you're a Prime member, it's just $22. "Great charging power; Easily and quickly powers a dual wireless charger simultaneously charging an iPhone 12 and Apple Watch," a satisfied customer said.

Shop it: Anker iPhone Charger USB-C, $22 for Prime members (was $28),

EYQ 32 Oz Water Bottle

Cheers to hydration! (Photo: Amazon)
Cheers to hydration! (Photo: Amazon)

Hydration is key to good health! The EYQ 32 Oz Water Bottle can work wonders when you’re trying to drink the recommended 2.7 to 3.7 liters per day. Luckily, this water bottle can hold 32 ounces of water. Right now, it’s on sale for $12 (that's $3 off) for Prime members.

Not all reusable water bottles are created equal. Sure, they all make it easy to access water wherever you go, but what separates the EYQ 32 Oz Water Bottle from the rest is its convenient hand strap, along with its clever schedule to help you reach your hydration goals.

"I love everything about this water bottle," shared a happy five-star reviewer. "One of my favorite things is it’s soft smooth texture! Whatever this bottle is made out of, it’s like baby skin soft. It’s absolutely leak proof, durable as it’s already been dropped and it’s adorable!" The EYQ 32 Oz Water Bottle comes in 11 fun color combinations.

Shop it: EYQ 32 Oz Water Bottle, $12 for Prime members (was $15),

Storebary HEPA Air Purifier

Just plug in for cleaner air. (Photo: Amazon)
Just plug in for cleaner air. (Photo: Amazon)

Clean, crisp air in your home is a must — especially if you struggle with allergies — but the cost of an air purifier can be a deterrent. Well, the Storebary HEPA Air Purifier is a whopping $115 off for Prime members ($70 off, along with an additional $25 off with on-page coupon for everyone, plus another $20 for Prime users). This air purifier is powerful enough to completely clean and recirculate air every 20 minutes in a 279-square-foot space. It also features a medical-grade HEPA filter to remove 99.97 percent of fine airborne particles down to 0.1 microns, including dust, pollen, smoke, odors, mold spores and pet dander. 

"The settings are pretty intuitive and easy to understand," a five-star fan said. "I placed it in my bedroom which can get dusty at times because of the altitude of my apartment and within an hour I noticed a difference in the quality of the air. I have slept with the unit on for the last four nights and I was able to sleep soundly due to the limited noise that the unit emits." 

Shop it: Storebary HEPA Air Purifier, $155 for Prime members with on-page coupon (was $270),

Healthex Cervical Neck Roll

Save your neck with this top-rated pillow. (Photo: Amazon)
Save your neck with this top-rated pillow. (Photo: Amazon)

Having proper neck alignment when you sleep can mean the difference between being comfortable when you get up and spending the day in agony. The top-rated Healthex Cervical Neck Roll — which is just $22 for Prime members — helps maintain that alignment while keeping pressure off your spinal discs and joints. You can even use it under your lower back, knees, calves or feet for added support in those areas. Made from memory foam with a bamboo outer cover, this pillow is hypoallergenic and keeps its shape over time.

 "I've suffered from neck pain for almost six months. I can feel a difference already in just a short time. So happy with the quality of this pillow," a five-star fan said. "I love it!!! I was having neck pain after a good night's sleep until I found this neck pillow. After the first night using it. My pain was gone," a fellow happy customer chimed in.

Shop it: Healthex Cervical Neck Roll, $22 for Prime members (was $26),

Gigastone 64GB 5-Pack Micro SD Card

Extend your camera's storage with this card set, but only if you're a Prime member. (Photo: Amazon)
Extend your camera's storage with this card set, but only if you're a Prime member. (Photo: Amazon)

On sale for $49 for Prime members only (was $55), the Gigastone Micro SD Card (512GB) is ideal for digital cameras, like standard point-and-shoots and advanced DSLRs. Thanks to its high-speed performance with up to 100MB-per-second transfer speeds, you won’t have to wait long to scroll through or download photos. It even works with the Nintendo Switch GoPro!

"Never heard of Gigastone before, but these made me a believer! Good job! I've been using one as my seconnd drive in my tablet ever since, and it's performed flawlessly," raved a five-star reviewer.

Shop it: Gigastone Micro SD Card (512GB), $49 for Prime members (was $55),

SuperDanny Surge Protector Power Strip

Juice up five devices at once with this lovely power strip. (Photo: Amazon)
Juice up five devices at once with this lovely power strip. (Photo: Amazon)

This SuperDanny Surge Protector Power Strip — which is on sale for $18, or $2 off, for Prime members only — will help you juice up five devices at once. Armed with three power outlets and two USB ports, this surge protector can effectively turn one wall outlet into five with up to 240 volts of power. 

“Nice length on the cord and it seems pretty durable. Works as intended and haven't have any issues with it," a five-star fan said. "Happy camper on my end.”

Shop it: SuperDanny Surge Protector Power Strip, $18 for Prime members (was $20),

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