Amazon Shoppers Say This $12 Mini Pet Hair Remover Is Even Better Than a Vacuum — and It Has Over 12,000 Five-Star Ratings

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Cuddling with your furry friend is possibly the best part of owning a pet, but if you're a parent to a shedding-prone breed, it comes at a hefty price. Oftentimes you’ll find your clothes, furniture, and car seats covered in pet hair, and your best chance of cleaning it up is usually a powerful vacuum. But having to break out that large appliance can be a hassle, too — which is why Amazon shoppers are raving about Lilly Brush’s mini pet hair remover. Compact enough to fit in your pocket, the handy brush scrapes away stubborn strands from a variety of surfaces with minimal effort.

This “little miracle tool,” as one shopper called it, has over 12,000 five-star ratings on Amazon. Reviewers love it for its effectiveness and convenient small size. At just $12, it’s a simple, affordable way to combat this common issue faced by most pet owners.


Buy It! Lilly Brush Mini Pet Hair Remover, $12;

Measuring just eight inches wide, Lilly Brush’s pet hair remover easily fits in cat backpacks, pet carriers, and more. To use, simply scrape against the upholstery of your chair, car seat, bed, or another surface, applying some pressure in quick, short strokes. On its own, it removes any short hairs stuck in upholstery, but many shoppers also say they use it to gather hair into a small pile before vacuuming or sweeping it up.

In fact, plenty of reviewers say this small gadget is even more effective than vacuums they’ve tried. “Even with a doggy sling in my backseat, my German Shepherd's hair gets everywhere I have carpeting in my car,” wrote one shopper. “Combined with my long hair, I often find it gets stuck and no amount of vacuuming can get it out. I used this to get her hair and mine out of every area of my car I could reach with this handy little tool! It also managed to corral any stray dirt or dust particles that my little portable vacuum didn't get the first time around.”

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Another cat parent added that Lilly Brush’s scraper “saved the life of an innocent chair.” The shopper continued by saying, “There's one chair in my home that was always the cat's chair... I have vacuumed this chair hundreds of times. I have gone over it with lint brushes and sticky paper rolls and all that… I vacuumed off the clumps of cat hair, went at it with the detailer some more, and in less than five minutes had cleaned the cushion of this chair better than it had been cleaned in probably three years.”

As one reviewer put it succinctly, “if you like dog hair, don’t buy this product.” Shop Lilly Brush’s incredibly effective $12 pet hair remover that’s a must-buy for any pet parent now.

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