Amazon worker records alleged sexual harassment she encounters in every shift

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An Amazon packer alleged in a TikTok video that she faces harassment at the warehouse where she works (Screengrab/TikTok/@misss_thanggg)
An Amazon packer alleged in a TikTok video that she faces harassment at the warehouse where she works (Screengrab/TikTok/@misss_thanggg)

An Amazon packer has alleged that she is routinely sexually harassed by male colleagues at the warehouse where she works.

In a TikTok video on Sunday, Priscilla, who goes by the username @misss_thanggg, posted comments that she receives while she packs at the warehouse.

She captioned the video as “if you work at Amazon, you know.”

The video showed her packing boxes with captions of comments she received.

The captions included, “What’s your snap [Snapchat]?”, “Let’s chill on break” and “Ayye what’s your name?”

She also refers to a man as a “thirsty water spider” as he comes up to her and asks for her number.

The TikTok video received over 105,000 views and over 10,000 likes by Monday.

Users on the social media platform responded to her video with sexist comments including blaming her for her clothes for the harassment that she allegedly faces.

“Now is the way she’s at work the appropriate work clothing. Then calls guys thirsty,” wrote one user.

Another user wrote, “I mean you look very welcoming with that outfit why you complaining.”

“Why dress like that at a warehouse,” said another comment.

Priscilla took on some of the sexist comments directed at her and said: “Boy I can be wearing a damn sweater and joggers they still be attacking like piranhas lmao.”

She also found support from other users who defended her and said what she wore is not a cause for harassment.

“The fact that you guys are saying because of what she’s wearing is what’s wrong with the world, a girl she be able to wear what she wants,” wrote one user.

Some other users said that they had faced similar incidents while working at Amazon.

One user wrote: “She ain’t wrong I work at Amazon and most of the guys are like that sum of the girls are like that too.”

“People gotta stop harassing girls at work. You keep your head up. You’re goo️d, stay safe,” wrote one user.

Employees at Amazon have flagged instances of sexual harassment in the past.

Last year in May, women working in corporate roles or warehouse management filed lawsuits against Amazon based on alleged discrimination from white managers, reported Dailydot.

In May 2020 a Canadian woman alleged that she was groped and forced to kiss an HR manager. She said she was blamed later when she tried to report the incident.