Ambulance hit in Kherson Oblast: Russian grenade attack wounds medical team

Russians drop explosives from UAV on ambulance in Kherson Oblast
Russians drop explosives from UAV on ambulance in Kherson Oblast

Russian forces dropped explosives on an ambulance that was responding to a call after a shelling in Kherson Oblast on the evening of June 8, regional governor Oleksandr Prokudin reported on Telegram.

<span class="copyright">Олександр Прокудін/Telegram</span>
Олександр Прокудін/Telegram

As a result of the attack, the driver and paramedic of the medical team were injured.

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"The occupiers dropped explosives on a medical team that was rushing to a call after the shelling in the Bilozerka municipality," he wrote.

“A driver was injured by the explosion. Today, a paramedic of the medical team also turned to the hospital for help. The victim was diagnosed with concussion.”

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Kherson Oblast suffers daily from attacks by the Russian army. On June 8, Russians shelled the Mylove community with artillery. A woman died as a result of the attack.

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