America Ferrera reveals the one name she won't give her baby

George Back
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

America Ferrera visited The Late Show With Stephen Colbert just days after announcing she is pregnant with her first child. And while the mom-to-be isn’t quite sure what she’s going to name her unborn child, she does know what she’s not naming it.

Stephen Colbert asked Ferrera, “Are you thinking of naming your child — would you recommend naming your child after a land mass or idea? Would you want to name your child something like ‘America’?” Ferrera quickly responded, “I’m going to go with ‘no’.”

The actress went on to explain, “Look, I love my name — now. But growing up with the name America is not easy. And I just don’t want to put that on my child because I know what that feels like. So I’m going to go with something that is more of, like, a name.”

Anderson Cooper explains why he walked out 45 minutes into The Last Jedi:

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