‘American Horror Story’ alum returns only to be brutally murdered

American Horror Story alum, Emma Roberts, made her debut on this week’s American Horror Story: Cult episode.

In the episode, titled “11/9”, Roberts plays a ruthless young reporter named Serena Belinda who is unashamed of saying things like, “You can say whatever you want to me, bitch, but I am gonna be on ‘The Today Show’ one day and I don’t care how many dicks I have to suck to get there. ‘kay?” and “I’m always letter-perfect, dickwad, you should know that.” However, Belinda only exists in this episode as a motivating factor for another new character, Beverly Hope (Adina Porter). The two ladies’ competitive work relationship, plus the fact that Belinda is just straight up vicious, becomes the fuel for Hope’s anger and hatred and, ultimately, Belinda’s demise. Yes, unfortunately, Roberts’s appearance was only a short-lived cameo.

While on-location reporting about an “Annual Adoption Jamboree”, and complaining about having to a hold a puppy (seriously, so cold-hearted!), clowns begin to walk up from behind Belinda during her shot and immediately start brutally stabbing her to death. And while her character’s sign off was definitely not pretty, we’re just wondering: is the puppy okay?

American Horror Story: Cult airs Tuesdays at 10 p.m. on FX.

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