'American Horror Story' fans not sure what to think about that mysterious ending

"You were wrong. There is something more dangerous in this world than a humiliated man: a nasty woman."

American Horror Story: Cult has come to an end and fans are already trying to guess what the ending meant!

In the season finale, we found out that Ally has been an informant for the FBI ever since she joined the cult, and was instrumental to exposing Kai and sending him to prison. She then decided to run for the Senate seat that Kai Anderson was gunning for, which made him super thrilled.

Meanwhile, Kai was up to his cult-y ways in prison and had already established himself as "Divine Leader" to his fellow inmates.

Ultimately, Kai managed to escape prison in order to seek revenge on Ally, and showed up at her Senate debate to deliver one of his final, and brilliantly-performed, monologues of the entire season. Kai confronted Ally on the stage, yelling, "When I kill you, they'll see that there is no hope. Women can't lead. Women can't win! They will always be outsmarted and outmuscled! They need to finally understand that what they can and should do is shut up, know their place and make me a goddamn sandwich!" Kai then pulled the trigger on the gun he was holding up to Ally's face. However, the woman prison guard, who Kai thought was on his side, was actually already intercepted by Ally prior. So, the gun was unloaded and our girl Beverly came through for the win, shooting him in the head from behind and solidifying his death as the final of the season.

In the final moments of AHS: Cult, Ally told her son Oz that she was meeting with some very powerful and empowered women, before she casually threw on a green velvet cloak, which sparked a lot of fan theories on social media like

"Ally is the leader of her own cult now"... "She's meeting with the coven this is not a drill!"

And "so ally is the new leader of SCUM? Is that what the ending meant?"

However, there is one thing that fans all agree on. And that is that Evan Peters deserves an Emmy for his work this season.