The 'American Horror Story' murder you didn't see coming

American Horror Story: Cult was both shocking and satisfying when it took out a main character in a way that we did not see coming.

Up until now, Ally Mayfair-Richards has been a weak, and cowardly, whining housewife. Not anymore. We're finally getting the Sarah Paulson we've all been waiting for. After being released from the psych ward, AHS shocked viewers when they revealed, at the end of last week's episode, that Ally joined the cult.

In this week's episode, titled "Drink the Kool-Aid", a now strong and assertive Ally sat wife Ivy down at the dinner table and told her to "Eat some food. Drink some wine," because she had a plan. Unfortunately for Ivy, that plan did not work in her favor. "I pulled myself together, pushed those self-destructive thoughts away and turned my energy towards freeing myself from the fears that paralyzed me. And it was desperately hard," Ally told Ivy as she reflected on her time in the psych ward. She continued, "But then, I realized that those fears were filling a hole I had inside me, and you can't take those fears away without filling that hole with something else. So I chose revenge. On you." Meanwhile, Ivy was not believing a word Ally was saying. "You're all bluster and no follow through," she told Ally. "You'll revert back to what you really are. A coward. So, you can dream of revenge, but I'm not afraid of you. You'll never do anything to me." But, boy, was she wrong.

As Ivy attempted to stand up from the dining table, she immediately began to cough up blood, crumbling to the ground as she struggled to breathe. "I already have," Ally said triumphantly. "I put arsenic in the wine. And the pasta."

And fans on Twitter are loving the new Sarah Paulson and this episode. One user tweeted, "If there is anything this season that makes me happy, it's this new Ally."

While another took inspiration from Taylor Swift, sharing, "I’m sorry the old Ally can’t come to the phone right now...Why? Cause she’s dead. "