‘American Ninja Warrior’ competitor battles through bloody head injury: ‘Incredible run’

During Monday’s American Ninja Warrior semi-finals, veteran Sean Bryan was eyeing a spot in the Las Vegas finals when he banged his head during the difficult Drop Zone obstacle. And at that point, he was just eyeing blood.

Bryan, who is known as the Papal Ninja because of his work with the Catholic church where he lives in Richmond, California, was moving through the course with relative ease when he arrived at the Drop Zone. The obstacle contains a series of bars that rotate and eventually drop down a few feet after the ninjas jump up and grab them. It caused plenty of problems for competitors throughout the night, including multiple head hits.

But nobody got it as bad as Bryan, who had blood running down his face within seconds of hitting his head. And he was definitely affected by the injury initially, nearly slipping while running up the Warped Wall.

With his worried parents watching via video, along with a group of kids and a priest he works with in Richmond, Bryan composed himself. He wiped some blood off with a big towel and knelt down for a small prayer, before finding it within himself to finish strong and complete the course.

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