'American Ninja Warrior' contestant pulls off incredible move while wearing a three-piece suit

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During the first night of American Ninja Warrior's semifinals Monday, Donovan Metoyer, nicknamed the "Classy Ninja" because he always runs the course in a three-piece suit, was looking fly as he flew through the obstacles.

The 33-year-old ANW competitor stated, "I am known as the Classy Ninja. I'm into classy shirts, classy suits, gotta have the classy shoes. And my hair? It's in a class of its own."

"On the course I try to bring a little style, a little elegance and a whole lot of skill," added Metoyer.

The Classy Ninja also shared that he had “a little something" up his sleeve for Monday night's course and it did not disappoint. "To be able to do this in a suit is an obstacle in itself," said one of the ANW hosts.

While Metoyer flew right through "Off the Hook," "Clockwork" and "Burn Rubber," at the "Warped Wall," the commentators and viewers all cheered when he pulled off a 360-degree spin while reaching the ledge.

Viewers were in disbelief over how baller the move looked. In fact, one of the hosts even stated that Metoyer "looked like Michael Jordan," while Twitter shared their amazed reactions:

Metoyer was also the first ninja to not fall on the newest obstacle — the "Corkscrew." However, the Classy Ninja did take a plunge at the "Dungeon" obstacle. Fortunately, while Metoyer did not make it to the buzzer at the end of the course, he did finish in eighth place, which means the Classy Ninja is moving on to the finals!

American Ninja Warrior airs Mondays at 8 p.m. on NBC.

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