Amherstburg Freedom Museum to host Artists of Colour exhibit with new works

The Amherstburg Freedom Museum will play host to a revamped exhibit this Saturday, curated by the Artists of Colour group. 

Dennis K. Smith, a visual artist and one of the members of the nine-person collective, explained that the "Journeys" exhibit will feature previously seen works, as well as some new pieces. 

"This exhibit is part of the ongoing vision," said Smith. "It's basically going to be a travelling exhibit, we hope."

Smith explained that Journeys tells the story of the Underground Railroad from a Canadian lens.

"It tells the story of the Underground Railroad from Africa … coming into this area," he said. 

In addition to previously unveiled works, this year's Journeys exhibit will also feature new pieces, like a wooden sculpture Smith dubbed 'African Warrior King.' 

Smith said that visual art, music and poems will be showcased to accompany all of the paintings in the exhibit. 

"Right now, we have the upstairs of the museum kind of filled," he said. "But we want to continue to build on it and let it grow."

The exhibit is "the first stage," said Smith.

"The second stage will be going more into the early settlers in Essex County."

The Amherstburg Freedom Museum's opening exhibit for Journeys will be held on Feb. 8 at 4 p.m.