Amherstburg hires former Windsor fire chief Bruce Montone

Amherstburg officially hires former Windsor fire chief Bruce Montone

Just one week after leaving his long-standing post as Windsor's fire chief, Bruce Montone is set to take over the fire department in Amherstburg.

Mayor Aldo DiCarlo said Montone will continue the town's overhaul of its fire services by coming up with a new master plan, which could be similar to recent work in Windsor.

Town council is expected to give final approval of the hire on Monday, which should be an easy decision, according to DiCarlo, who boasted about the new hire.

"I don't anticipate any issues," he said. "We're very lucky he was happy to come to the Town of Amherstburg. What can I say? We're very happy."

Montone has been in the fire services for 38 years, according to his professional online profile. He worked in the province's Fire Marshal's Office from 1987 to 2002 before becoming deputy fire chief in Ottawa.

In Amherstburg, Montone will be expected to create a master plan that could involve building new fire stations in more strategic locations, similar to the work the chief did while in Windsor.

"Compared to what he did in Windsor, Amherstburg should be a pretty easy walk in the park for him," DiCarlo said.

He also spoke about how Montone's experience brings a valuable component to the town's succession plan, which hasn't quite matured yet.

"We are committed to the people we have in our fire department," DiCarlo said. "We believe in them. We just think they need more experience, more guidance from people like ... Bruce."