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VOTE: Who is the better president, George W. Bush or Donald Trump?

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George W. Bush reportedly has a zinger he likes to use when discussing Donald Trump and the Trump administration’s numerous scandals.

Huffpost reports that according to Tom DeFrank, a contributing editor for The National Journal, Bush “is often heart to remark, unable to stifle his trademark smirk: ‘Sorta makes me look pretty good, doesn’t it?'”

Bush and Trump do not have a very good relationship.

When former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush was running for the 2016 Republican presidential nomination, Trump called Jeb Bush “low energy,” according to The New York Times. Neither Jeb or George W. Bush, nor their father, former U.S. President George H.W. Bush, voted for Trump at the 2016 Republican National Convention, the Los Angeles Times reported.

Just last weekend, Trump called Bush’s decision to invade Iraq “the single worst decision ever made,” according to The Hill.

People loved to hate George W. Bush when he was in office, but have since warmed to him.

In January 2009 when the 43rd President left office, he had an approval rating of 33 per cent, according to CNN. But fast forward to January 2018, and CNN reports 61 per cent of Americans said they had a favourable view of him.

Donald Trump, by contrast, has an approval rating of 50 per cent as of Feb. 28, according to a Rasmussen poll cited by Newsweek – despite his numerous scandals since taking office.

So… who do you think is the better president? Let us know by voting in the poll above.

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