Amputee reveals how he puts on contact lenses without hands

Screenshots from YouTube

A disabled man’s morning routine shows how he’s able to get ready for the day by performing an activity some people have trouble doing even with the help of two hands and 10 fingers.

John Lien Margetis is an amputee who published this video Sunday on YouTube. In less than a day, the video already has more than 45,000 views on YouTube.

The clip shows him placing a pair of contact lenses onto his eyeballs, despite not having a pair of hands to pick up and insert the lenses.

“As an amputee, I’m frequently asked how I do things. Here’s how I put contacts in,” reads the video’s description.

Margetis can be seen using his forearms to carefully grasp a pair of plastic tweezers to pinch a contact lens out of its container. From there, he uses his cheek and arm to carefully transfer the contact lens from the tweezers to the end of his other limb.

With that step out of the way, next is carefully pulling down his eyelid, placing the lens onto his eyeball and turning to the camera to let out a well-deserved “Tada!”

He proceeds to put on the other lens by opening the package and repeating the steps with a well-practiced speed. It’s an ability some able-bodied commenters have pointed out is completed quicker than when they try to put their own contact lenses in themselves.

“You can do it faster than me,” writes one YouTube commenter.

“It’s amazing how adaptive humans are when faced with obstacles,” another Internet user chimes in.

Anyone who has had to put on contact lenses themselves knows it isn’t easy and usually takes a bit of practice, but Margetis seems to have mastered a way to do it without the use of hands.

And it’s not the only video Margetis has posted of his life as an amputee. Other clips uploaded over the years show him doing everything from typing on a computer, writing with a pen and lifting a friend from chair to chair.