Amusing video shows driver trying to squeeze car through very narrow opening

The video, filmed in a parking lot in England, shows the driver slowly trying to squeeze through a very narrow opening. Photo from YouTube.

Video capturing a driver’s futile attempt to squeeze her vehicle through a very narrow space will make you wonder just what she was thinking.

As The Sun reports, the footage was filmed in England in 2015, but it only emerged online recently. It shows the woman trying to get her small grey car through an opening between two brick pillars. An older gentleman attempts to guide her, signaling at her to drive up slowly.

With amused bystanders laughing in the background, the car approaches the space with its side mirrors folded back in a vain attempt to make it through. But alas, the gap is simply too narrow. As expected, an audible crunch can be heard as the car scrapes its sides along the brick.

The driver eventually takes the hint and decides to back up the car to assess the damage, while hopefully also re-evaluating her strategy for exiting the parking lot.