Why Amy Schumer Bared (Some of) It All in 'Snatched'

Jeremy Belanger
Producer, Yahoo Entertainment

Amy Schumer popped into the British talk show Loose Women along with Goldie Hawn, and revealed how she was able to bare (some of) it all, in her new movie Snatched.

The host, Andrea McLean, said to Schumer, “We love the fact that you’re running around in flip-flops and your booby-doo falls out.” Schumer laughed.

Schumer was asked if she was nervous about nudity in the film. She responded, “No — something’s wrong with me. I felt good and when I see the movie; I felt like I look great.”

The comedian even seemed like she was in a rush to show some skin on screen. She said, “While it’s still up there, I thought, let’s put this on film. I’m losing the war against gravity already.”

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