Ana Navarro was bringing her dog on ‘The View’ to meet VP Harris. Then came COVID news

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In dramatic fashion that could only happen in the COVID era, “The View” co-hosts Ana Navarro and Sunny Hostin were escorted off set while live on the air Friday morning.

Both women, who are fully vaccinated, tested positive and had to be removed from the stage.

“Ana and Sunny have to leave,” cohost Joy Behar explained to confused viewers. “And we’ll tell you why in a couple of minutes.”

It was a close call as the panel was about to bring on Vice President Kamala Harris.

“Shall I introduce the vice president?” Behar asked producers nervously. “No? OK, shall we dance? Let’s do a tap dance!”

After the break Behar explained: “No matter how hard we try, these things happen, they probably have a breakthrough case and they’re going to be OK. Because they’re both vaccinated up the wazoo. You know, a lot of vaccines!”

Harris eventually emerged, but remotely from a different room at the NYC studio.

Behar and Harris touched on the situation briefly. The VP sent her best wishes and said how relieved she was that both were vaccinated as their cases could have been much worse.

Hours earlier, Navarro had posted a picture of her poodle ChaCha, decked out in pink and green bows to honor the colors of Harris’ Alpha Kappa Alpha sorority when attending Howard University. Navarro, a University of Miami alum, once said she’d like to be an honorary member of AKA.

This isn’t Navarro’s first brush with COVID: Her husband, political strategist Al Cardenas, tested positive last October and had to be hospitalized.

Hours later, she told CNN colleague Anderson Cooper on his show that she was retested and got two negative results.

“We were very proud to have the vice president come on ‘The View’ and all of a sudden it turned into like an episode of ‘Curb Your Enthusiasm,’” said Navarro. “It was just surreal.”

Cooper said Hostin also tested negative.

Miami Herald staff writer Michelle Marchante contributed to this report.

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