Anderson Cooper admits that he gets depressed after being on Instagram

On Tuesday’s Anderson Cooper 360, the host continued the discussion in the aftermath of the Facebook whistleblower's recent public comments, with Jennifer Grygiel, an associate professor of communications at Syracuse university who studies the harmful effects of social media on teens. And she had a stark warning about Instagram.

“What we're seeing on Instagram is an imminent threat to teenagers. I am seeing self-harm,” Grygiel said. “I'm talking about starvation… teenagers cutting themselves.”

She went on to say that Instagram is a much different platform culturally compared to Facebook, one that can bring kids together “like a cult,” where they could be brought into depressive communities when they weren’t even depressed before.

And that’s when Cooper admitted that Instagram doesn’t just have negative effects on teeangers.

“I'm on Instagram and I enjoy it,” Cooper said. “I follow friends and look at art sites and things like that. But I gotta say, it depresses me. I mean, I leave feeling worse than when I got on.”

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