Andrew Scheer sparks new friendship with Justin Trudeau's cargo plane on Twitter

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau boards his campaign plane in Ottawa on Sunday, September 29, 2019. (Ryan Remiorz/The Canadian Press via AP)

It looks like leader of the Conservative Party and Justin Trudeau’s cargo plane have established a mutual friendship. On Wednesday, Andrew Scheer tweeted a message to the unofficial Twitter account of the Liberal Party leader’s second plane.

“Looking good last night at #YYZ,” Scheer wrote. “You sure are racking up the frequent flyer miles.”

“Good to see you too,” the response from the account reads. “I burned thousands of gallons of fuel getting Justin Trudeau to his announcement on fighting climate change yesterday lol.”

The Liberal Party has faced significant criticism for having two planes throughout the federal election campaign, prompting the Conservative Party to call Trudeau a “high-carbon hypocrite.”

“Despite marching in climate strikes, lecturing everybody else on lowering emissions, and imposing a carbon tax on hard-working Canadians, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals are secretly using two aircraft to campaign in this election,” the Conservative Party said in a release on Oct. 2.

The Conservatives indicate that the Boeing 737-200 burns through 975 gallons of jet fuel an hour and Trudeau’s official branded plane burns between 800 and 850 gallons an hour.

“That means Trudeau’s campaign is emitting nearly three times as much as the Conservative campaign,” the release reads.

“As usual, there’s one set of rules for him, and one set of rules for the rest of us. He is simply not as advertised,” Scheer said in a statement.

The “Unofficial account of Justin Trudeau's cargo plane” has been tweeting regularly since the information about the second plane was revealed.

Several Canadians have also taken to Twitter to engage with the account and respond to the interaction with Scheer.

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