Andrew Wilkinson stepping down as head of Liberals to make way for interim leader

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B.C. Liberal Leader Andrew Wilkinson now says he will leave his job to allow an interim leader to take his place.

Wilkinson resigned as leader of B.C.'s Liberals two days after the party had its worst provincial election outcome in decades on Oct. 24, but said he would step down when his replacement is found. It's unclear whether his resignation is effective immediately.

In a statement posted on Facebook Saturday, Wilkinson wrote "it is now time for me to leave the role of Opposition Leader, as the voters of British Columbia have made their preference clear. In doing so, I welcome the selection of an interim leader from our caucus and will fully support her or him as our caucus prepares to act as the Official Opposition once again."

The final count in the B.C. election saw the NDP win a large majority of 57 seats. The Liberals captured 28 seats and the Greens two.

Wilkinson wrote in the statement that the Liberal party and its new leader face challenging times ahead and must redefine its message to voters.

"Our party, the interim leader, and our members have a lot of work to do. We need to rebuild and renew — and that starts with tough conversations and sincere reflections," he wrote.

"I know I've had many of those myself in recent weeks and I know there are many more to come for all of us as we work toward a leadership race that will define our new leader, and our positions and profile heading into the next election."

Wilkinson was nominated as Liberal leader in February 2018. He has served in several cabinet positions, including as minister of advanced education, minister of technology and innovation and attorney general.