Andriessen raises questions about transportation master plan status

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NORTH PERTH – Coun. Lee Anne Andriessen raised a few questions at the Nov. 1 council meeting about the status of the transportation master plan and traffic concerns at the intersection of Line 87 and Highway 23.

Manger of Operations Lyndon Kowch said the target for the draft report of the master plan is December with a public meeting to be announced in November.

“That public meeting is kind of the beginning of the end in terms of final recommendations and findings, going to the public for final comment and then bringing the final report in December to council,” he said.

Andriessen raised concerns she is hearing from residents having to cross traffic at the Line 87 and Highway 23 intersection during peak traffic hours.

“Reports I’m getting from citizens are that it’s taking up to 10 minutes to get into that intersection,” she said. “So there potentially could be problems for people having the urge to move through it and then this could cause accidents.”

Kowch said options for truck bypasses will be brought forward through the master plan and the intersection at Line 87 and Highway 23 could be part of the options for that.

“If they are then it becomes part of our planning process and it would be reflected when we deal with the Ministry of Transportation in terms of future growth and future changes,” he said. “It will also give us a lot more momentum in terms of dealing with them and trying to develop the roadway ourselves but also for them to partner in the intersection changes.”

Kowch said it would be a similar process as the installation of the roundabout at the intersection of Highways 23 and 86 but it would be part of the master plan.

“I would note that the MTO were a stakeholder in that process and we’re involved with it so they are already participating in it,” he said.

Colin Burrowes, Local Journalism Initiative Reporter, Listowel Banner

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