Andy Cohen shares relatable dad moment with 3-year-old son Ben: 'I’m glad we worked through that'

Andy Cohen just posted a very relatable dad moment on social media.

The Watch What Happens Live host, 54, took to Instagram on Friday to share a video of himself driving with his son Ben, 3, in the back of the car. Though Ben could not be seen in the video, he certainly could be heard — screaming, that is.

Andy Cohen shared an honest parenting moment on Instagram. (Photo: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)
Andy Cohen shared an honest parenting moment on Instagram. (Photo: Charles Sykes/Bravo via Getty Images)

“I don’t understand, dude,” Cohen said to his son. “You want to get out of the car? And do what? We are going home ... we could swim? We could look at a Busy Town book? I just got you a new book.”

Alas, nothing the TV host said made Ben stop crying — until he wanted to. In a second clip from the same car ride, Cohen questioned Ben about why he was in hysterics just moments earlier.

“If you had to guess why would you say that you were just crying so hard?” Cohen asked the toddler. “You wanted me to park? But why did you want me to park? Because when I parked, you didn’t want to get out.”

The Bravo star joked, “I’m glad we worked through that.”

Cohen captioned his post, “My ‘vacation’ in a nutshell.”

Cohen’s followers understood the father’s plight. One wrote, “You are an amazing, kind and calm dad. Tantrums are tough but they teach little people so much when their parent stays as grounded as you did!” Another joked, “All your experience with housewives has prepped you well for being a parent of toddlers.”

Cohen welcomed Ben, his first child, in 2019. In an Instagram post announcing the news, he wrote, “I’m in love. And speechless. And eternally grateful to an incredible surrogate. And I’m a dad. Wow.”

Earlier this year, Ben became a big brother when his sister Lucy was brought into the world via surrogate. In an interview with Today, the Real Housewives producer said that his friend Anderson Cooper — who welcomed his second child, son Sebastian, in February — helped Ben get used to the idea of having a sibling.

“Well, I think the best thing for us has been that we saw Anderson welcome a little brother for Wyatt, so Ben got to see that up close,” Cohen explained at the time. “It helped make the transition in my home a little easier.”

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