Angels fan completely loses his mind after catching a Mike Trout home run

Catching a home run is definitely a reason to get excited at a baseball game. But what if you caught a home run hit by your favorite team? And the player who hit it happens to be the best baseball player on the entire planet? That would be a reason to go completely insane, right?

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Absolutely right, as one Los Angeles Angels fan showed the world on Sunday. He caught a home run hit by an Angels player, and if a fan loses his mind after catching an Angels home run, you can guess who might have hit it: none other than Mike Trout.

The Angels were at home and facing the Boston Red Sox on Sunday, and down 2-1 in the sixth inning, Trout stepped up to the plate to face Red Sox pitcher Rick Porcello. Trout was 0-for-2 coming into that at-bat, but he saw just two pitches from Porcello before hammering the third one into the seats in right center field.

In most cases, a Mike Trout home run is the best part of any highlight. But the fan who caught Trout’s home run is almost better than the homer itself. As the ball sailed into the stands, a few people reached up to get it. One guy had a glove, and one guy was just using his hands. The guy with a glove, who was wearing an Angels jersey, managed to grab the ball out of the air. And once he realized he’d done it, he celebrated like, well, take a look.

The Angels fan who caught Mike Trout’s home run was really, really, really excited. (

He completely lost his mind. First he celebrates, because he did a really awesome thing. He jumps and points and does a glove tap with a nearby fan. But then he starts to realize what he really just did, which is catch a Mike Trout home run. And then he grabs his head and says “OH MY GOD” before holding the ball up in the air triumphantly.

And the whole time, this Angles fan is giving us the best expressions ever. He almost literally cannot believe he just did that.

There is no way that kid could have enjoyed the moment more fully. He experienced excitement, disbelief, and triumph in the span of five seconds. Hopefully he was able to pick up the pieces of his shattered brain and enjoy the rest of the game, which the Angles won 3-2. But if he spent the last three innings just staring lovingly at that Mike Trout home run ball, I don’t think anyone would blame him.

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