Angry drunk woman attacked boyfriend for refusing sex

Say no to Tabatha Lee Grooms and there’s a price to pay (Richmond County Sheriff’s Office)

A US woman has been arrested for beating up her boyfriend because he said no to sex.

Tabatha Lee Grooms, 35, returned home from a boozy night out still fuming with her boyfriend for spurning her advances earlier in the day.

Carlos Rodrecus Grace, 30, was sitting on the sofa when Grooms arrived at 11.30pm on June 24, determined to settle their score.

She scratched Grace on the face, head and neck, and bit him on the arm, before he fled to the bathroom to call 911.

When police arrived at the house, she initially refused to give her name, then threatened to run an officer over with a baby stroller. She did admit she’d been drinking, however.

WFXG reports that Grooms’ 66-year-old mother also got caught in the crossfire, receiving a punch in the eye from her drink-addled daughter.

Following her arrest and charge with simple battery family violence, Grooms was taken to Richmond County Jail.

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