Angry Johnny’s Scary Fast 200 bike race coming to Perry Township, COVID-19 pending

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Perry’s council approved an event application from Angry Johnny’s Scary Fast 200 Gravel Race at its meeting on March 17.

The 200-kilometre two-day gravel adventure race is set to take place on August 14 and 15, 2021 starting at the gazebo in front of the township’s office and run for 200 kilometres around some of the Almaguin region’s gravel biking routes.

The race will allow 100 participants to register, however the event does depend on what COVID-19 restrictions look like in August.

If COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines do not allow a gathering of 100 or more riders, it will be postponed for a future year.

However, Perry council said it was hopeful the event would be a positive for the township.

Here’s the council discussion in key quotes:

“This event kind of dropped into our lap but it could really turn some heads here when we hold it in Perry and it could become something of a draw (to the area),” said Coun. Joe Lumley.

“I think it’s really wonderful – it’s a catchy name too. I agree with Coun. Lumley, I think it could be a real plus for us if it’s a yearly thing,” said Coun. Paul Sowrey.

“I’d like to say I’m very excited about this one … I think this is a very positive thing for Perry and I think biking is gaining a very big momentum around this area,” said Lumley.

“I really agree that it’s hopefully going to be a good thing for the community (and) get people to know us and see us,” said Coun. Jim Cushman.

“Nothing risked, nothing gained – I think we should take the risk,” said Lumley.

Council approved the event providing it can adhere to COVID-19 guidelines in August.

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