Animal skeleton found tied up to Bell Aliant office in Port Hawkesbury

A Port Hawkesbury resident was "shocked and disgusted" on Friday afternoon when she made a grisly discovery while walking her dog.

Around 5 p.m., Deborah MacNeil was near the town's waterfront on MacSween Street when she spotted a yellow internet cable tied to a fence and something hanging from it.

As she got closer, she discovered it was the skull, neck bones, backbone and ribs of some sort of animal. 

"There's still fur on the top of the head," said MacNeil. "I was very surprised. I've never seen anything like that in person before … I was shocked and disgusted."

The skeleton was missing the rear portion. It was right outside the front door of a Bell Aliant office. MacNeil said there didn't appear to be anyone at the office.

"I was just trying to figure if it was a joke or if someone is maybe making a threat," she said.

MacNeil said the area is used by people and pets. Across the parking lot, there's a children's playground. MacNeil said she went back on Saturday and the skeleton was still there.

"It's just so bizarre," she said.

Port Hawkesbury-area RCMP say they have no information about the case.

Bell Aliant hasn't responded to CBC's request for comment.