Animals from Corner Brook cat house euthanized

More than 80 cats rescued from a Corner Brook house in May have been euthanized due a bacterial infection that spread through the shelter where the animals were staying.

About a week ago, 11 cats died from the disease, and the rest of the animals were euthanized on Monday night.

Judy Mahoney, president of the NL West SPCA, said the bacterial infection would have eventually killed them all due to the close confines in which the cats were living.

"And to continue on and have these poor animals confined to cages for the next month or so and watch them die slowly, that wasn't an option," Mahoney said.

More than 200 cats were rescued from the house back in May, and the NL West SPCA found homes for more than 120 of them.

"In a community as small as this, there's an over-saturation of cats out there, yet we achieved that," noted Mahoney. "So we have to look at the positive."

Mahoney also praised the dozens of volunteers who helped care for the cats for the past four months.

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