Ann Curry shares why she hasn't celebrated Matt Lauer's firing

Ann Curry stopped by The Late Show With Stephen Colbert where she discussed her reaction to Matt Lauer being fired from Today following sexual misconduct allegations. Or, at least, as much as she could discuss due to a non-disclosure agreement.

Host Stephen Colbert asked Curry if she had an NDA, to which Curry responded, "I do, but I can talk. I'm bold. Yes, I can talk." Colbert then asked Curry if she was aware of the initial Twitter response to Lauer's firing, which was actually more focused on her. "But let me just ask you this. When Mr. Lauer was let go at NBC, were you aware that Twitter blew up with 'Somewhere Ann Curry'?" He then showed her a few of the best tweets, including

Although many people on Twitter thought Curry celebrated the news, Curry explained that that wasn't quite the case. "The truth is that I was raised Catholic by a Buddhist," she told Colbert. "So, think about the catholic guilt, which you know something about, mixed with the karma. Worries. The intensity of that. It was like all of a sudden my brain, like, think Game of Thrones. The wall, like, it went up, and it was a whole wall of, 'Uh-uh, you can't talk like that. You can't think like that.' So, I didn't actually get to enjoy it." Curry also pointed out that she thinks more about the pain that a lot of people have suffered, which has not allowed her to have a chance to celebrate. "I'm sort of limited," she concluded.

And when Colbert asked Curry if she thinks a seasoned journalist like herself could be forced out of her job by a powerful man today, Curry stated that we're not done fixing the problem. "I think we are a long way from fixing the problem. It's more about conversation. It's about action and it's not just about telling people they can't do certain things. It's about changing the dynamic, the power balance within companies so that women are not seen as people who could never rise to the top. Once we figure that out, we might have a chance to figure this out."