Anne Heche’s Son Asks to Helm Her Estate After Actress Died Without a Will

anne-heche-homer-heche-laffoon - Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Christian Siriano
anne-heche-homer-heche-laffoon - Credit: Rachel Murray/Getty Images for Christian Siriano

Anne Heche died without a will, and the value of her personal estate remains a mystery, a new court filing from her adult son Homer Heche Laffoon reveals.

Homer Heche Laffoon, 20, filed a petition in Los Angeles County probate court Wednesday asking to be named administrator of his mom’s affairs. The appointment would give him the authority to collect, inventory, appraise and manage his mom’s assets after her untimely death in the aftermath of a fiery car crash last month.

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Homer’s filing, obtained by Rolling Stone, said the value of his mom’s estate remains “unknown.” He confirmed Heche’s only heirs are himself and his 13-year-old younger brother, Atlas Heche Tupper, Heche’s son with her ex-husband James Tupper.

“Homer is also in the process of having a third party appointed ‘guardian ad litem’ for his younger brother, Atlas, 13, to represent Atlas’ interests in the probate proceedings,” Homer’s lawyer Bryan L. Phipps says in a statement to Rolling Stone. “Despite reports to the contrary, Homer is not asking the court to appoint him as the ‘guardian,’ sole guardian or guardian ad litem for Atlas.”

A hearing in the probate case is set for Oct. 11.

Heche, 53, was declared brain dead last month but remained on life support for several days in order to donate her organs, her family said at the time.

“Anne had a huge heart and touched everyone she met with her generous spirit. More than her extraordinary talent, she saw spreading kindness and joy as her life’s work – especially moving the needle for acceptance of who you love,” a statement from her family sent to Rolling Stone said. “She will be remembered for her courageous honesty and dearly missed for her light.”

The Los Angeles Medical Examiner ruled her death an accident caused by “inhalation and thermal injuries” compounded by a sternal fracture suffered in her shocking crash.

A week before her death, the Six Days Seven Nights star, 53, drove her car at a high speed into a one-story residence in Los Angeles’ Mar Vista neighborhood.

“The car did leave the roadway at the T intersection and went up over the curb. It was airborne before it went into the house and was approximately 30 feet inside the small home when it came to a rest,” Los Angeles Fire Department spokesman Brian Humphrey previously told Rolling Stone, saying the incident was reported at 10:56 a.m. Pacific Time on Aug. 5.

Heche was rushed from the scene of the wild crash in critical condition.

“The home was well-involved in fire,” Humphrey said. “One woman who was home was at the back of the home and thankfully and miraculously escaped injury.”

Los Angeles Police Officer Matthew Cruz later confirmed to Rolling Stone that detectives were able to test some of Heche’s blood via a search warrant. “The result does show narcotics,” he said. “We still need additional testing to tell if anything administered at the hospital is showing up in her system.”

A final autopsy report is still pending the results of toxicology testing that could take weeks, officials said.

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