Ansley Pacheco, OnlyFans Model Bravely Defends Her Family Opening Fire at the Armed Burglars Who Invaded Their Miami Home, Viral Video Captures the Terrifying Incident

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A Miami home invasion footage in the United States of America has gone viral on social media. The burglars targeted Ansley Pacheco and her family, who was enjoying watching NBA finals in the living room. The footage captures the whole terrifying incident, where the two intruders can be seem forcing their way onto the home and opening fires on the family. Pacheco bravely defended her family and fired back using her gun, causing the gunmen to flee the home. The 26-year-old, who is an OnlyFans model was horrified at the scene, and the video captured by the family’s CCTV shows the whole incident, as the burglars made off with thousands of dollars.

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Pacheco has nearly 13,000 likes on OnlyFans and reportedly more than 160,000 Instagram followers. She was inside her Florida home, when the two armed men forced their way inside. As per the CCTV footage, it appears that two burglars were able to gain access to the property after a friend of the homeowner arrived and opened their front gate. Her husband was on the couch in living room, watching the NBA finals, when the two intruders forced their way into their home.

The incident has been a recent one clip, after a Zoom video capturing burglarly at a student's house went viral. Pacheco who was in her bedroom with her son, heard the commotion. She bravely grabbed a firearm from her nightstand and started shooting at the intruders. That is when she came face-to-face with one of the intruders. They opened fire through her headboard, television and closet door. In the video, it can be seen that Pacheco’s husband further took the gun from her shortly after and running outside in an effort to stop the burglars from fleeing.

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Watch the Video of Ansley Pacheco's Gun Battle With Burglars

Thankfully, none of the family members were injured. But Pacheco reported that the robbers stole a $50,000 gold chain, a $33,000 watch, a phone and other items totaling $102,000. The family stated that they didn’t recognise the attackers and police officials are currently investigating the matter.