If the U.S. were a public company, Anthony Scaramucci believes Trump would be dismissed 'for the unsoundness of his personality'

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Former White House director of communications Anthony Scaramucci appeared Tuesday on Anderson Cooper 360 to discuss his former boss, President Donald Trump. Despite the president's attempts to overturn the election results, Scaramucci not only believes Trump will leave the White House, but that he needs to leave the White House.

The former aide believes Trump is no longer able to perform the tasks expected of the president. He cited the recent handling of the COVID-19 relief bill as well as Trump’s focus on pardoning friends and family.

“If you and I were on the board of a publicly traded company and we had hired him,” Scaramucci told guest host Jim Sciutto. “We would be looking at each other saying, ‘OK, we have to dismiss him for the unsoundness of his personality related to the job he’s been placed in.’”

Scaramucci believes that despite Trump’s requests to throw out election results, Vice President Pence will ensure the electoral college vote on Jan. 6 proceeds like it always has.

“I can’t speak for the vice president, but I’m very confident that he’s going to do what is appropriate for the United States,” Scaramucci said. “He did take a vow to the Constitution, and take an oath to the Constitution. He’s going to do what’s appropriate.”

Trump is expected to leave the White House in 22 days, which Scaramucci referred to as “two Scaramuccis” on Twitter. Scaramucci only served under Trump for 11 days, but they had a long-standing relationship prior to his appointment.

When Sciutto asked, “If you had to bet five bucks now, is he running again in 2024 or is this a charade?” The former aide replied, “Forget about five bucks, I got $5,000 that he’s not. If you want to take it to 50 [thousand], Jim, we probably got to go to a bookie, but I’m in.”

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